GVH freight elevator

Intelligent control

    High-stable GVH freight elevators are provided with dedicated vector control hoisting machine, and adopted with the latest integrated intelligent control Variable Velocity Variable Frequency(VVVF)technology, whose control system has strong compatibility.

    High efficient variable-frequency voltage system can automatically calculate the best speed curve between landings, and perform stepless control adjustment to meet the performance requirement of operation at high efficiency according to the requirements of speed and loading for the voltage and frequency of power source.

Energy Conserving and Environmental Friendly

    Start-up current is small and power utilization rate is high. It can save energy for more than 50% as compared with the double-speed elevator; compared with the ACVV elevator, it can save energy for approximately 30%.

    LED lighting is used in the car, which can extend the service life of light source while saving electric power.

Safe and Reliable

    The control system adopts multi-computer network control, which makes it possible to automatically detect any system halted so that the elevator goes into special mode, showing the fault code and prohibiting startup and operation, to make the operation safer.

    Multi safety circuit protection ensures the safe operation of GVH freight elevators.

Stable and Accurate

    With frequency control and speed regulating technologies, the elevators run smoothly during startup, braking and operation.

    GVH freight elevators adopt a control mode of closed loop and pulse signal, and are provided with multi-level protection for speed reduction, which greatly improves the leveling accuracy of elevator and makes the forklift truck or handcart can get in and out of the car easily and stably.

Heavy-duty and High Speed

    GVH series of freight elevators are categorized into five kinds of heavy loading series, from 1000 to 5000kg, and has several speed grades, including 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc., which combine into elevators of various sizes with different specifications, and are widely used in the places of transportation, including large department stores, office buildings, traffic hubs as well as factories.



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